Lunga Peter

  1. - B. JURIS
  2. - LLB
  3. - Certificate in Commercial Litigation
  4. - Advanced Certificate in International Insolvency Law
  5. - Advanced Certificate in Business Rescue
  6. - Advanced Certificate in Corporate Law

Mr. Lunga Peter is the Managing Director of G&P Inc. He has eighteen (18) years’ experience in the legal fraternity and has a wealth of knowledge he readily shares. He currently heads the Litigation department. As a Managing Director, Mr Peter has instilled a belief that a person must have knowledge of a department hence an attorney is assigned to more than one area of law to allow for diversification of knowledge and skills. Mr Peter has experience in:

  1. - Corporate and Commercial litigation
  2. - Local Government and Administration
  3. - Liquidation
  4. - Forensic investigation
  5. - Drafting and vetting of contracts

He has handled litigation and projects for the following institutions:

  1. - Department of Land Affairs and Rural Development (CTH LRMF Project)
  2. - KwaZulu-Natal Department of Transport
  3. - South African Post Office Services
  4. - Telkom KwaZulu-Natal branch
  5. - eThekwini Municipality
  6. - uMhlathuze Municipality
  7. - Tourism KwaZulu-Natal
  8. - Passenger Rail Agency South Africa
  9. - uBuhlebezwe Municipality
  10. - Imbabazane Municipality
  11. - UMzimkhulu Municipality
  12. - KwaZulu-Natal Dept. of Human Settlement
  13. - KwaZulu-Natal Dept. of Education
  14. - Ithala Limited
  15. - KwaZulu-Natal Department of Co-operative Government and Traditional Affairs
  16. - KwaZulu-Natal Treasury Department

Furthermore, he is a member of KwaZulu-Natal Municipal Bid Appeal’s Tribunal, contracted to the Department of Treasury KwaZulu-Natal. Mr Peter is also an appointed Liquidator and is currently doing Liquidations on behalf of the Master of High Court. He is the immediate past President of KwaZulu-Natal Law Society and serves on multiple committees for the KwaZulu-Natal Law Society and is a council member of the Law Society of South Africa and serves on various committees.

Khanyiswa Gcolotela

  1. - B PROC
  2. - Masters in Commercial Law
  3. - Diploma in Forensic Investigation
  4. - Advanced Certificate in International Insolvency Law
  5. - Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management
  6. - Conveyancer
  7. - Masters in Business Administration

Ms. Khanyiswa Gcolotela is a Chief Executive Officer of G&P Inc. and has eighteen (18) years’ experience, 17 of which, she has been a director. She has the right of appearance in the High Court. She has a wide experience in Commercial and Corporate litigation. She is an admitted Conveyancer and has sixteen (16) years of experience. She is one of the KZN Law Society Conveyancing Examiner’s. She is also Deputy Chairperson of South African Women in Law and is also an appointed Liquidator for the Master of the High Court, Mthatha. She previously served a Deputy Chairperson of the Black Lawyers Association, Durban Branch. She has a wealth of experience in:

  1. - Conveyancing
  2. - Estate Planning
  3. - Commercial Litigation
  4. - General and Forensic Investigation

She has been working on projects with some of the following institutions:

  1. - Amalgamated Banks of South Africa (ABSA)
  2. - First National Bank
  3. - South African National Roads Agency Limited
  4. - Ithala Development Finance Corporation Limited
  5. - eThekwini Municipality
  6. - uMsunduzi Municipality
  7. - KwaZulu-Natal Department of Co-operative Government and Traditional Affairs

Ms. Gcolotela has headed the Foreclosure department for G&P Inc for the entire duration the firm has had the department. She believes that to keep any client happy you must be involved, she prides herself in resolving complicated matters for all her clients. Further, she spearheads a competitive spirit within her department to have a team of result orientated members. She also plays a supervisory role in the Finance department.

Her basic philosophy in respect of her work is to have a hands-on approach and continuously learn from each day's work. She is desirous to keep abreast with changes in legislature as well as to enhance her skills as a Director; hence her continuous studies. She is also a staunch believer in imparting knowledge to others and has two Candidate Attorneys she works with annually.